Spa Treatments at Hotel Auszeit

Hotel Auszeit: Time, tranquility, warmth. Just relax and we’ll do the rest.


NEW: WELLSYSTEM RELAX plus provides relaxation for body, mind and soul. 

WELLSYSTEM RELAX plus owes its beneficial effect to the unique combination of water, heat and strength.

The heat of the water radiates into the deep tissue layers of the body – it stimulates blood circulation and enhances the metabolism, soothes aching muscles and relieves tension. The entire body benefits from the carefully dosed power of the water while floating almost weightlessly on the dry “water surface”.

Duration: 20 min, price: EUR 18

Spa massages

Reflex points on our feet are connected to all inner organs and the lymphatic system. Applying pressure at these points can help heal various ailments of the body. 25 min - € 35,- 50 min - € 65,-
Refreshing classic partial massage. 25 min - € 35,-
Refreshing full body massage. 50 min - € 65,-
According to Dr. Vodder. Gentle pumping and stretching helps to move the lymph forward and drains the connective tissue, removes toxins and metabolic wastes, and stimulates the immune system. 50 min - € 65,-
Massage with essential oils, very relaxing for body and soul. 50 min - € 70,-
Are you looking for deep relaxation? Try the power of hot stones. The combination of gentle massages and heat while the therapist moves the hot stones over your body works wonders for aching muscles. Seasonal high-quality herbal essences from the traditional European medicine have a calming effect. 70 min - € 90,-
A very relaxing massage of head, neck, shoulders, sacrum and feet, with essences of the forests of the Tirolean mountains. Forget the stresses of everyday life and relax and unwind with the power of nature. 50 min - € 70,-


Remedial massages

The therapist manipulates the fascia by grasping the tissue and moving the underlying structures. The treatment alleviates back, neck and foot pain, general joint pain, headaches, nerve entrapment issues, and pain and dysfunction associated with scar tissue, as well as depression, sleeping disorders, stress and burnout. 50 min - € 75,-
The spinal column is not only our central support organ, it also encapsulates the spinal cord which is connected to all the cells of the body via the peripheral nerves. Back problems can lead to a variety of complaints, such as tense muscles, migraine, shoulder-arm syndrome, herniated disc, and sciatica. This significantly impairs the quality of life. Spinal column therapy is a holistic spine treatment aimed at eliminating the primary cause of all disorders - pelvic obliquity - and restoring the balance of the pelvic spine system. 50 min - € 75,-


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Spa baths

Harmonizing bath which is a perfect moodlifter The bubbly bath in the whirl tub prepares the skin for the absorption of the flower essence. 25 min - € 35,-
Our special tip from the Achensee region. Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) which is extracted and processed locally, works wonders for aching muscles and joints and alleviates back pain and rheumatic complaints. 25 min - € 35,-
Alpine herbs are a classic bath essence and have a cleansing, balancing and calming effect. 25 min - € 35,-
Juniper has a skin-tightening effect and is effective against dry skin. 25 min - € 35,-


Spa packages

Our pampering day for ladies includes:
  • 1x relaxing face massage
  • 1x rose blossom bath
  • 1x soothing partial massage
  • 1x Hydrojet massage
special price € 95,-
Our sporty wellness day for men includes:
  • 1x foot reflexology
  • 1xTiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) bath
  • 1x soothing partial massage
  • 1x Hydrojet massage
special price € 95,-